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Fully Customizable Interventional Radiology Kits


Our ENDOCOR interventional radiology kits will be fully customized specially for your individual needs. These variable kits may also be used in pre paediatric.


  • Guidewire stop tray 295x240x60 mm, transparent 2 cups 120 ml, transparent
  • cup 250 ml, transparent
  • cup 125 ml, transparent
  • single-use syringe 10 ml, two-part LS
  • single-use syringe 20 ml, two-part LS
  • puncture cannula G18x70 mm
  • pressure line 150 cm
  • measuring station cover 075×090 cm, 30?m gauze compress 10×10, 12f.. RöKo
  • Angiotowel 330×230 Mediodrape, film right surgical gown Mediodrape, Size L, blue, SMS disposable hand towel 60×38
  • table cover, 50×160 cm, two-ply 
You can choose customized content individually and specially for your needs. Just tell us your prefered content and we make it possible for you.
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