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IEEN - Training, Exchange and Cutting-Edge Treatments

Endocor’s service partner, IEEN (International Endovascular Exchange Network) is pioneering medical services through education, training and evidence-based research. IEEN is a platform for endovascular scientific knowledge sharing and collaboration which includes the following services:

IEEN@Germany: Through IEEN@Germany, international senior consultants have the chance to come to Germany to further develop and expand their knowledge in endovascular medicine, and to participate in a number of workshops and hands-on treatment training sessions with IEEN partner excellence centers throughout Germany. This allows international physicians to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in endovascular medicine and be at the forefront of endovascular research and innovation.

IEEN@HostCountry: Through IEEN@HostCountry, German doctors at the level of Professor or Head of Department would be mobilized to perform endovascular interventions in host countries across the world, sharing the application of advanced new techniques in endovascular medicine and showcasing Endocor’s products. This will allow host country physicians to learn from German know-how and apply the knowledge from the forefront of medical science to their patients.

Physicians receive accredited certification for their participation in IEEN, in their country or in Germany with the designation of their acquired expertise. IEEN hosting hospitals or medical institutions also receive an accredited international designation as excellence centers in endovascular medicine.

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