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NEW: Intelligent Paclitaxel Eluting PTA Balloon

Amazing news for all ENDOCOR customers & clients: The German notified body has released CE certification for our innovative AVANT PLUS Smart Paclitaxel Eluting PTA Balloon Catheter. We are very glad to finally reach this stage and provide the world with our new innovation.

The unique coating technology of our AVANT PLUS is maximizing efficacy and performing superior safety.

Targeted drug delivery, advanced crossing features, low tip profile and balloon design, breakthrough push ability and superior traceability complete this outstanding device. 

Please visit our product page to learn more about our brandnew AVANT PLUS.

Extention of SEQUENCE shelf life

ENDOCOR team is very happy to inform you that the shelf life of our SEQUENCE Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent has been extended to 18 months.

We are focused on best clinical results and achieving highest benefit for our customers.

For detailed information, please check out our product section: SEQUENCE

ENDOCOR participated in PCR Innovators day 2016

The great feedback from PCR Innovators day 2016 motivates us to achieve a worldwide market taking over with our innovation driven SEQUENCE.

ENDOCOR proudly presented its NEW GENERATION DES, which unifies a highly compatible platform with drug eluting intelligence.


  • ANTI-Corrosive
  • ANTI-Allergic
  • ANTI-Thrombogenic

Our unique SEQUENCE is the first carbonized stent (inert carbon technology) with a completely biodegradable polymer coating which contains sirolimus as a highly effective drug for preventing thrombotic and re-stenotic events.

Please download our SEQUENCE presentation for PCR innovators day 2016: Click here

CE certification of ENDOGUIDE & ENDOGUIDE H

We proudly present our new product section: ENDOCOR guide wires.

ENDOCOR received the CE certification for our ENDOGUIDE & ENDOGUIDE H guide wires with legendary modification possibility of more than 14.000 variations.

ENDOCOR team: “When we are entering a new product section we want to do this in the most professional way. So we decided to support our clients with an outstanding guide wire range to be ready for all challenges during their daily interventions.

Our ENDOCOR guide wire range includes the following:

  • Hydrophilic coated guide wire
  • Seldinger guide wire
  • Double-ended Seldinger guide wire
  • Movable guide wire
  • Lunderquist PTC guide wire
  • Schüller PTC guide wire

To view highlights of our guide wires, please enter the corresponding product pages: ENDOGUIDE and ENDOGUIDE H

Brand new CE certification of AVANT

We are glad to provide our clients with our NEW AVANT Smart Paclitaxel Eluting PTCA Balloon. ENDOCOR just received the CE certification for this superior coronary device.

UNIQUE IN ITS CLASS. Our AVANT is coated with safe & uniform dose of proven drug and shows excellent deliverability and crossability in even tortuous anatomy. This device features minimum drug loss during maneuver and maximum drug deposition into the vessel wall. With its super low profile and flexible tip design AVANT excels its competitors. 

Balloon Highlights:


To view more highlights please visit our product page: AVANT Smart PTCA DEB

New CE certification for GHOST PV

ENDOCOR proudly announces CE certification for another innovative device complementing ENDOCOR’s peripheral line – the GHOST PV – balloon expandable peripheral stent system.

A highly proven stent design combined with an innovative ion carbonized material makes this stent highly biocompatible and reduces post implantation complications, such as allergies & restenosis.

Stent Highlights:


Please visit our product page for more information: GHOST PV

CE certification for HYPERFLOW Inflation device

ENDOCOR is happy to announce CE certification for HYPERFLOW.

HYPERFLOW is a device made for accurate and controlled inflation and deflation procedures of PTCA and PTA balloon catheters.

The HYPERFLOW is equipped with a luminiescent dial making it easy to read and monitor during procedures and works with pressures up to 30 ATM for more challenging procedures. 

Please visit HYPERFLOW for more information.

Upcoming study for SEQUENCE stent

ENDOCOR is planning to conduct a non-randomized multi-national clinical study for SEQUENCE in several countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Mena regions.

New CE certification: PHANTOM 5F & 7F

We are proud to announce our new 2 devices in the Phantom family. After the great success of the Aspiration Catheter Phantom 6F we are introducing Phantom 5F and Phantom 7F to complete our range.

Our Phantom Aspiration Catheter series is based on new technology. Phantom 5F, 6F and 7F was designed to simultaneously operate with high aspiration rates for removal of thrombus and debris and avoid damage of healthy surrounding tissue making it a highly effective and patient friendly device.

Please visit our product pages for more information: PHANTOM 5F / PM7F

ALSTER study, SPECTRUM study

ENDOCOR has launched the ALSTER study – a multi centre global study running in several centers all over the world enrolling as much as 600 patients to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the REMEDY – Completely Biodegradable Peripheral Stent for the treatment of SFA and Iliac lesions.

Parallel to the ALSTER STUDY Endocor is also running the SPECTRUM study – a smaller study for the REMEDY stent in selected centres in Germany and Austria enrolling 300 patients.

The objective of this study is to provide more data to support the only CE certified biodegradable peripheral stent in the world which allows for a temporary implant designed to perform during period of high risk and to disappear later from the body completely.  

We believe in the future of stents with biodegradable materials which will make interventions safer on a long term perspective, avoid negative effects of an inbody implant and contribute to patients’ health and successful treatment.

Participation in Cardio Egypt

ENDOCOR participated in the 41st Annual Conference of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology organized by the National Heart Institute in Cairo. ENDOCOR was represented with a stand by its exclusive Egyptian distributor and achieved great attention.

CARDIO EGYPT CAIRO is the major event for cardiologists in Egypt with a focus on bringing knowledge, knowhow and new techniques to the country to enhance medical care to the people in Egypt. 

The event features a scientific programme ranging from workshops, lectures and courses and presented innovations, such as new cardiology medicines, devices and ideas to enhance treatment. A number of international speakers were invited and held lectures and different cardiac centers and countries showed their case presentations. 

ENDOCOR had the opportunity to meet major KOL in Egypt during this event, present our state of the art devices and the IEEN platform to enhance interventional medical treatment and could win Egyptian experts and interventionalists to join our platform and our cause.

New CE certification: SEQUENCE

The German notified body has released CE certification for ENDOCOR’s Sirolimus Eluting Stent.

 ENDOCOR is very proud of our new SEQUENCE Sirolimus Eluting Coronary stent. It is the only anti-allergic and anti-corrosive stent in the world with a completely biodegradable Polymer coating absorbable within three months. 

The Sequence stent is specially designed to avoid immune response reactions occurring after stent implantation and leaves behind a blank stent of the highest degree of biocompatibilty.

Please visit our product page for more information: SEQUENCE

Amazing News: ENDOCOR wins EuroPCR Award

EuroPCR, the annual meeting of the European Association for Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) and the world-leading course in interventional medicine, today gave its annual award to the entire cardiovascular device industry for their pioneering and outstanding contribution to innovative patient care.

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